Social Media Services

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing uses social networking services like Google+, Facebook and Twitter to reach out to customers and build a community around your business. More importantly, social media expands your presence on the web–every post is a new opportunity for others to share your content and for you to earn backlinks. It’s really a no-brainer!

Features and Benefits:

  • Strategic, consistent messaging in online social communities increases brand awareness.
  • Nurtures relationships with prospects and customers.
  • Google+ Authorship makes your content stand out in search results.
  • Social media relationships can generate leads.
  • Social media can drive traffic to your website.
  • Enables direct conversation with your social media community.
  • Interactive content engages consumers.
  • Attracts attention from leaders in your industry.

Why Professional Social Media Management?

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are free, BUT… Plenty of small businesses take the do-it-yourself approach and get a zero return on their costly investment of manpower. Effective social media marketing requires clear goals, time, effort, dedication and creativity. People expect to see activity on your social media page; they expect to see signs of life! A half-baked or neglected social media presence is worse than nothing at all.

Social Media Monitoring

Track. Find. Respond.


Do you need to monitor social media? Think about this…

Facebook alone has 400,000,000 users.  It’s more than safe to say a few of your customers are on there.  The fact that you’re visiting our site makes us put our money on the fact that you probably have a Facebook profile yourself.  If not Facebook, then some other derivative of these phenomena know as social networks.  The power of social networks is that they connect us and allow us to communicate.  Social networks are the megaphone for word-of-mouth advertising.  And wouldn’t you love to hear what they are saying about you loud and clear to everyone they socialize with?  Now, getting people to talk about you is one thing.  But knowing what they are saying, when and where, while having the ability to respond directly is another.

We monitor any keyword or brand name you designate through mainstream media and social media such as blogs, social networks, Twitter, Facebook, forums, images and video. You simply pay us per Keyword or brand name and we will use our resources and technology to keep you informed and in the response position.  We even give you links to the Web page where we found your mention so you can make friends, and create loyal customers.   We’ve seen amazing things with even the most upset of customers.  Reaching out to them at times turns brand enemies into brand champions.  Are you ready to make champions out of your target market?  Start today…

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Reputation Tracking

Our software tracks and monitors mentions of your company on social media.

Negative Mentions Alerts!

Receive email notifications in the event of negative social media mentions.


We post articles, blogs, company news, promotions, offers, industry news and other engaging content to your social media profile.

Social Profile Setup

We set up basic Facebook and Twitter profiles. (Included in Interact and Community Plans)

Editorial Calendar

Establishes a schedule for your social media program. (Included in Interact and Community Plans)


We acknowledge those who engage with you on social media and those who share your social media posts. (Included in Interact and Community Plans)


We follow and reach out to relevant groups and leaders in your industry. (Included in Interact and Community Plans)