PPC Campaign Management Services

Advertising used to be scattershot and untraceable. You paid for advertising and never knew who saw it, how they felt about it, or what they did about it. That’s not how it works anymore. Pay per click (PPC), aka paid search, allows you to immediately place an ad where specific audiences are guaranteed to see it, such as in social media newsfeeds.

You only pay when people are motivated enough to take action and click on your link. If someone has been to your website, retargeting can keep your business fresh in their minds as they move across the web. Network ads display your business to people as they conduct searches on related topics. You can even target ads to show up on mobile phones when people are near your physical storefront.

We’ll help you navigate this strange new world of advertising as the technology evolves, with advice, measurement tools, and access to customers you couldn’t reach any other way.

PPC Service Features Include:

Free Campaign Management with SEO Premium Placement Plan

Bundled with Premium Placement SEO Plan. No charge for set up and management of retargeting campaign.

Targeted Reach

Reach the 97% of customers who leave your website without converting.


Includes Google Analytics set up plus text and display ad creation (using Google Display Ad Builder).


Google Adwords Certified Analyst manages set up, budget and bids.

Flexible Delivery Schedule

Choose the number of days people will be retargeted with your ads. Default is 90 days.

Massive Network

Ads run on Google’s vast and diverse Display Network.

Custom Ad Images

Products on your website are featured in the display ad.


Ads can start showing the day the campaign is launched.

Monthly Reporting

Key data emailed to you in a PDF report.

Google Adwords Certified

Our PPC analysts are rigorously trained, Google Adwords certified and results-driven.

Easy Upgrade

Seamless upgrade to higher budget Retargeting Plan for those who want to leverage a successful campaign.

Retargeting Features Include:

Opportunity Evaluation

First, we evaluate your products, services, website, goals and your competitors’ online activities. If we conclude that PPC can meet your goals, we recommend a plan of action.

Conversion Goals

We help you identify your goals so we can report your exact return on investment. Tactical campaign adjustments keep results in line with goals.

Conversion Optimization

We monitor the marketing metrics and adjust your campaign in an effort to
reduce your cost-per-conversion.

Budget Control

Opportunities exist for very small to very large budgets. We pace the campaign to hit the budget you set.

Targeted Reach

Target a small geographic area, the entire world, or anywhere in between.

Controlled Ad Exposure

Keywords are carefully selected and grouped so that your ad will show only when a searcher is likely to be interested in your products and services.

Targeted Keywords

Our keyword research software finds the most cost-effective keywords for your PPC campaign.

Creative Ad Copy

Our PPC analysts write thoughtful ads, targeting the message to attract clicks only from people who are looking for a business like yours.

Fast and Flexible

Ads can start showing the day the campaign is launched and set to run on a precise schedule (your business hours, during a special event or holiday, etc.).

Daily Updates

Login to your dashboard anytime and see complete campaign data, including clicks, spend, web and phone call leads and progress toward meeting your goals. Data is updated daily.

Monthly Reports

Key performance data emailed to you in a PDF report.

Campaign Review

Regularly scheduled account review meetings ensure campaign is meeting your goals.

Google Adwords Certified

Our PPC analysts are rigorously trained, Google Adwords certified and results-driven.

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