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The best digital marketing campaigns ensure data is collected accurately; they also guarantee digital analytics tracking and marketing tools/solutions work as efficiently as possible. Your company can make significant increases to ROI with campaigns based on informed decisions, digital marketing trends and 100 percent accurate data.

Deep technical audits and data quality management can help ensure the health of your marketing campaigns and maintain top-notch performance analysis to make sure you receive the true picture for your data.

Digital Marketing Audits

Digital Marketing Audits help you determine the technical and qualitative factors that affect a digital marketing campaign. We take a hard look at the roadblocks limiting the success of your campaigns, analyze them and provide tangible and quantifiable solutions to help you fix them.

Setting up Digital Properties

We help marketers and developers work together to set up their digital properties in the most efficient possible way. This helps you to maximize:

  • Organic rankings
  • PPC
  • Tracking
  • Conversions
  • Google Analytics

We help ensure you’re using Google Analytics properly, and we analyze your content’s quality and accessibility.

Outperforming the Competition

We also provide a competitive analysis that evaluates your performance against five competitors for SEO, PPC and social factors, and we also analyze your website for SEO factors. We help you figure out what your competitors are doing so that you can do it better.

One-Time Audits

Our one-time audits ensure you have a snapshot of issues and opportunities related to your marketing analytics tracking solutions. The audit will show you:

  • Where tags are missing
  • What’s not firing properly
  • Recommendations for improving tracking

Make the Most of Your Data

Data audits help make sure you get the data you need every time a user executes a behavior. We analyze your site as a whole to set up individual monitoring work flows tuned into your specific conversion funnels.

Perfect First Step

Data audits are the perfect first step for quarterly sanity checks and annual reviews. They help to ensure your marketing data is 100 percent accurate and collected as you need it, 24/7.

Marketing Analytics Data Management

Our Marketing Analytics Data Management Service makes sure your digital marketing techniques are in order on the right pages, pass on the right data and function on a scheduled basis. This ensures accurate data to keep your sales and marketing alignment in place and improve ROI on a continuous basis.

We have all the tools in place to track down conversion paths for micro-assurance in your campaigns. We can even help with Tag Management plans, Data Layer Audits and more.

Assure 100% Health

When you’re certain your data is accurate, you can rest assured your website is at 100 percent organic health and all analytics and web tracking solutions work in tandem. Your efforts will be fully realized as you see the big picture, results and the bottom line for your campaigns. Contact us today for top-notch digital marketing advice.

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