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Advanced Technical SEO Consulting & Troubleshooting Services

Ranking well in a search is like trying to hit a moving target while riding backward on horseback. As more competitors enter the market and the popularity of keywords evolve, search engines must alter their ranking criteria routinely. You will need a partner on your side with advanced SEO specialists, many years of expertise and the most advanced technology. Good news: now you have one.

Give Your Customers the Best Online Experience

We provide unique and highly technical SEO solutions for the deepest and strangest SEO scenarios. We’ve seen it all. Have you been hit hard by a Panda or a Penguin? They sound innocent enough until they drop you off the first page due to algorithm updates. Are you worried about the damage by link rot? We’ve got the answers, and we dare you to stump us!

You never know what type of browser your customer will use. Our audit compares the user experience and site performance on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and iPhone user agents. We also compare JavaScript run times and optimize your CSS files for issues like rule duplication, excessive cascading and unused background images.

What’s Included in the Technical Audit

Here’s an introduction to some areas covered by our advanced technical SEO consulting:

  • Increasing your site speed
  • Improving accessibility, especially on mobile
  • A range of highly valuable reporting tools for issues like broken links and items not cached
  • SEO troubleshooting to eliminate problems before they damage your rankings
  • Making sense of your structured data
  • Handling all stages of site migrations
  • Implementing new information architecture
  • Identifying and eliminating duplicate content
  • Conducting extensive link audits, penalty removal and disavowal tools
  • Determining the causes behind losses of organic traffic
  • Keeping you informed by integrating your site’s performance status directly into your dashboards, builds and testing tools.

Find out Where Your Site Is Vulnerable

We’ll help you stay on top with the latest technologies and best practices in the dynamic world of SEO. Don’t wait for the search engines to drop your rank! Contact us today, and be prepared with a site audit that identifies your vulnerabilities and ensures your site is loading as fast as possible.