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Is Your Website and Content Hurting, or Helping, Organic Traffic & Rankings?!

There is a definite gulf between good writing and good content. Online, many technical and qualitative factors are required to ensure content is not only good, but also contributing to the financial goals of your business. Our multifaceted analysis looks at onpage factors like keyword usage, as well as offpage factors like its social shareability index. We can also show you how to best embed rich media on your site to achieve its maximum value in indexing.

Here’s how our website SEO analysis considers a number of questions to give you the answers you seek:

  • Are you producing enough content in comparison to your top competitors?
  • Are you producing the kinds of content your customers want and need?
  • Are you really gaining the maximum value of your content, both on your website and elsewhere?
  • Can the content you produce be found and shared easily enough by your preferred audiences?

We can answer all of those questions definitively. After this analysis, you’ll be able to, too.

Benefits of the Tech Audit...

People Like Faster Websites…Sites that People Like, Rank Higher.
  • Content Can Be Found & Indexed!

    Fully accessible, indexable, and shareable content means better positioning and ranking/engagement opportunities.

  • Fully Leverage Your Content!

    Examining each piece of content, and utilizing every aspect that search engines may leverage will make for content search engines want to consume.

  • Make it Easy for Your Users...

    If search engines can find you, so too can your users! Great content that is great to consume will win every time!

  • Make Your Content Work for You!

    Investing in great content provides long term returns full of brand positioning and qualified impressions. Nurturing content pays for itself!

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Website SEO Analysis Sections

Code Considerations

We assess the quality of your code in relation to search engine accessibility and site speed timings.  You’re provided with recommendations on how to improve your code and how it affects your content and rankings.

Internal & External Duplicate Content Audit

Search engines hate duplicate content. We will identify internal and external duplicate content issues that could be (or already are) affecting your organic rankings. You’ll be provided with a detailed list of all URLs and they’re duplicates.

Content Publishing Analysis

The quality of content will always be king. While his Queen is how much and how often this quality content is published.  We identify content opportunities in relation to search demand and market share to determine your ideal publication schedule. While more is often better, too much can be diluting.

Metadata Analysis

While the technical SEO audits will uncover how many of these issues exist, the content analysis focuses on the qualitative and psychographic issues related to how you are leveraging your meta tags in order to communicate with your audience. From search engines to social networks and even data graphs, we will ensure you’re fully leveraging your Metadata.

Internal Links

Are internal links being properly used—Inline, Menus, Footer? Jump link issues?

Directory Structure & URLs

Provide overall summary of whether or not the directory structure is search engine friendly.

  • Does it match the directory structure?
  • Do URLs follow the structure?
  • Are menus accessible and crawlable?

404 Page

  • Any glaring 404 issues?
  • 404 Page?
    • Is it custom and does it facilitate the user’s journey?
  • Provide summary of current 404 errors and how to fix.


Whether you are a localized business, or an international brand, the consistency of your Name, Address, and Phone Number on profiles across Local Networks are a search engine ranking value. This helps search engines link data points together, and thus, those that are optimized see rewards with higher rankings. Further, reviews and ratings on these networks are very important signals for the types of sites people are likely to want to see ranking in their search results. We provide you with an audit of more than 50 local networks, along with actionable recommendations.


Social signals are getting up there in value with linking signals. We look at your major social profiles to determine health, and if you are leveraging them as much as you should be, as they relate to supporting your organic rankings. This includes factors on your website, as well as things you are able to actively control on the social networks themselves.


Blog Considerations

Unleveraged Content Opportunities

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