Paid Media (PPC) Audit

Leveraging All Paid Media Opportunities?

You’ve set your goals and put forth the effort, but are you maximizing the return from the money you are investing in pay-per-click, or “PPC,” campaigns? They can give your brand a tremendous boost, but if you don’t implement and monitor them properly, PPC activities can result in a painful loss of resources.

We analyze your existing PPC campaigns and determine whether you are using them to your best advantage. We make sure to distribute your campaigns cohesively on various appropriate networks while identifying any missed opportunities that can put you ahead.

We also analyze your ads, landing pages, features, keywords and conversion funnels to keep your strategy well-aligned with your goals and budget.

Benefits of the PPC Audit...

People Like Faster Websites…Sites that People Like, Rank Higher.
  • Tap All Networks!

    Consider your business goals and target audiences and leverage all paid media opportunities that align.

  • Maximize Your Conversion Opportunities...

    Align ads and reporting methods across all paid networks. Target your users, based on who and where they are!

  • Lower Costs and Increase Leads!

    Properly structured accounts with quality ads and landing pages are rewarded with lower costs. More qualified traffic, with lower costs per action.

  • Make Sure All Features Are Leveraged!

    Don’t leave a single stone unturned. Use each network for all they offer and get the most out of your campaigns.

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Technical PPC Audit Sections

Networks Analysis

Traffic Analysis

Spend Analysis

Conversion Analysis

Remarketing Analysis

Ad Creative Analysis

Structure of Accounts

Attribution Insights

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