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You Have Web Analytics Tracking Integrated. Is It Working? Accurate?

Sunshine is the best disinfectant–and if you are not consistently shining a light on your marketing analytics and data quality, then you can certainly miss opportunities and areas that need attention. You need to keep a close eye on any dips and gaps that could indicate a need to make critical shifts in your marketing strategies, but doing so takes a great deal of time and commitment.

This audit is the first step toward freeing yourself up to do what you love while ensuring that you are always using the highest-quality data. We take a look at your data to track sales results, and then we make recommendations for keeping your marketing analytics as actionable as possible.

Benefits of the Data Quality Audit...

  • Make Sure Your Data is Being Collected.

  • Make Sure Your Data is Accurate!

  • Make Sure All Tracking Solutions Are Collecting Data.

  • Make Life Easier for Your Team — and Yourself!

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Marketing Data Quality Audit Sections


  • We audit your digital analytics tags as well as marketing tags and ensures that you are collecting 100% accurate, reliable data 24/7.
  • Our solution browses your website like a normal visitor would with an actual browser.
  • It looks for a tag’s presence, activation, firing and finally its safe arrival at the analytics collection server.
  • It also checks for errors such as broken links and performance metrics such as page loading time and timeouts.
  • Many audit solutions will only scan a sample of your website’s pages.
    We believe that 100% coverage is key to maintaining data quality.

Tagging Compliance

Tagging compliance is key to digital analytics data quality. We verify that your analytics and marketing tags capture the right data, in compliance with your tagging plan. Don’t have a tagging plan yet? We can generate one for you based on scan data!

Tagging Efficiency

This is not a “regular” website crawler: our spider actually browses your website, reads page contents, executes scripts – and therefore triggers tags, like any visitor would! We scan exhaustively at speeds of over 6 million pages per hour.

Analytics Data Quality

Many digital marketers don’t trust the quality of the data. Our technology uses its unique tagging plan and data layer management system to certify your data.

We will provide you with analytics data quality and tag compliance reports that point out exactly where tags have an incorrect value. We save you a tremendous amount of time on analytics data quality assurance and debugging, alone.

Analytics Data Compliance

We do not only trigger tags and look at tag values. We also verify that those tags capture the right data. If your company has requirements as to what data should be captured on specific pages, we ensure that is the case, thanks to tagging plan and data layer management. This way we can ensure and certify your digital analytics data compliance. Don’t have a tagging plan yet? We can generate one for you based on scan data!

Analytics Data Layer & Tag Management

When we scan your website, we also capture its data layer and include it in your reports. Your data layer is supported by our tagging plan technology and we can ensure your TMS fires the right tags with the right values.

Tag management systems often rely heavily on data layers to provide the data needed for tags. Our technology will not only check your tags, it will provide quality assurance for both the data layer and the tags it powers.


You want to be able to verify that your cookie policy is applied in respect of your visitors’ choices. We can (re)play a scenario to enable/disable cookies, and audit your pages to check your cookie settings are compliant.

We can set persistent cookies to emulate a visitor’s behavior on your website. With this audit, you will be able to check all values contained in cookies for each of the pages analysed during a scenario.

This can help you determine whether you are storing PII (Personal Identification Information) in your analytics and marketing cookies, helping data governance and privacy compliance initiatives. This is particularly important in regions such as Europe where cookie usage is under higher scrutiny.

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