Google Analytics Audit

Maximizing Google Analytics?

Maximize your use of this robust tool to get much deeper, more actionable insight. We will take a look at your existing hierarchy, custom dimensions, content groups, event tracking, goals, filter and analysis-tracking setup to help you determine what’s best to use for web-traffic monitoring and marketing automation. With our tracking-resources analysis, we identify gaps and any issues with self-referral and spam-referral data.

We detect any problems with the proper linking of Google AdWords or webmaster tools. We also discover any problems with your display features and account-level settings.

We then provide recommendations to improve reporting accuracy while utilizing key-performance indicators, or “KPI” tools. After the final tracking of your code integration, we’ll recommend any other analytic solutions for your consideration along other unique views for improved data tracking.

Benefits of Auditing Google Analytics

  • Get the Full Data Story...

    Give your developers a 100% view of all factors that affect site load time — a major SEO factor. Faster sites make for happier users too!

  • Use Filters to Make Data Mean Something to You!

    It is imperative that your website and content is able to accessed by search engines and your users. Websites with proper accessibility are better indexed, used, and shared.

  • Troubleshoot Tracking Issues and Data Dispcrepencies

    It’s very good to know if any health-related SEO issues are hurting your organic rankings and traffic. You will know what needs to be done and we will provide direction and options for resolution.

  • Take Full Advantage of Google Analytics

    SEO in today’s Internet relies much less on links and meta tags. Search engines now look to social media, local networks, and reviews for ranking signals. Know if social and local are working for you, or against you.

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Google Analytics Audit Sections

Account Structure Analysis

Settings Analysis


Conversion Goals

Event Tracking

Content Groups

Cross-Domain & Offsite Campaigns

Self-Referral and/or SPAM Referral Issues

Internal Search


Custom Reports

Custom Dashboards

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