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Our digital marketing audits cover all digital media channels. Don’t stunt your marketing mix!
Each audit looks deep into the issues and provide action items to resolve issues and drive outcomes. Need more than one area of your digital strategy analyzed? Our audits are custom to your needs!

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Actionable Digital Marketing Audits

You have no shortage of data. Even though your data provides answers, it won’t do your business any good unless you ask the right questions. Our digital marketing analysis audits help you streamline your efforts, identifying things you do perfectly, areas that need to be fixed and opportunities you may not recognize. You’ll get a clear, objective picture of how well you use your data, along with actionable insight on what you need to do to maximize results from your digital marketing campaigns.

Advanced Technical SEO Audit

Search engine optimization is a dynamic process, and what worked a few years ago could get you penalized today. It’s also a lifeline for any business engaged in digital marketing; correct set up removes uncertainties from your SEO health and standing. We’ll uncover hidden gems using our Technical SEO Audit and improve features that, if left unpolished, could work against your rankings–in position and in quantity.

SEO Content Analysis

Are you producing enough content? Although quantity counts, the content you produce must also be uniquely valuable to your customers; you want to ensure they return for more and share it with others. With our SEO Content Analysis, we help you ensure proper leverage of your content on and off the website.

Google Analytics Audit

Google Analytics is robust, but its power is unleashed only when you know which tools, settings and filters to use. We use our Google Analytics Audit to look at your dashboard and determine whether your website and marketing data are tracked accurately, and whether your settings are correct and integrated properly.

Competitor SEM Audit

What do your digital marketing consultant competitors do with their digital marketing budgets? You can find out, thanks to our Competitor SEM Audit. We look at their SEO rankings, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and collect information on how much they invest in their PPC campaigns; when we show the results, you’ll know how your campaigns and resources compare. Marketing strategy reports will help you succeed.

Conversion Analysis

It’s all about conversion. You work hard to get leads and sales, but you can’t attain full success if your website isn’t your number one source of new business. We use our Conversion Analysis to audit your website and let you know where you should make adjustments to make it your top source of revenue.

PPC Audit

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can drive immediate, highly qualified traffic. Are your campaign structures healthy and driving ROI? We use our PPC Audit to analyze your campaigns and let you know if you’re on the right networks for your goals, and if you should spend more or less on PPC campaigns.

Let us bridge the gaps–between sales and marketing and between marketers and developers–to free you up to focus on what you do best. Contact us today to inquire about a digital marketing audit.

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