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Businesses of any size benefit from the optimization of digital marketing strategies and processes. It’s not just about having a great looking website. It’s about building a website that facilitates conversions; while getting the right people, to the right content, at the right time.

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aaron-abbott-headshotHi! I am Aaron Abbott, an inbound marketing consultant with a diverse background in media production. I help businesses make the most of online growth and conversion opportunities. I had worked with several digital marketing and interactive agencies before I decided to go back into consulting full-time.

Most recently I was the Director of Digital Marketing at The Creative Momentum, in Atlanta, GA. I helped refine this top Atlanta-based digital agency’s SEO processes, while helping them leverage inbound marketing processes internally, while also working to define processes for them to serve their inbound clients. Before joining The Creative Momentum, I worked as the SEO & Analytics Manager for Big Drum, Inc., an Atlanta-based search engine marketing agency (which was acquired by Nebo Agency—largely for my leading ideas, unique processes, and digital marketing tools I developed). Prior to Big Drum, I worked at Boulder, Co. based Vermilion Design + Interactive as their Digital Marketing Manager.  In between agencies, I have worked with numerous small and medium businesses, as well as a variety of enterprises. In between those clients you will find me making some music, or lost (with intention) in the wilderness.

In the agency life I was responsible for understanding and predicting changes in search engine algorithms, while developing optimization techniques and strategies that achieve and maintain healthy organic search engine rankings that drive qualified traffic that converts and drives ROI. I also managed the integration, troubleshooting, and customization of Google Analytics and a variety of marketing automation and data/web performance suites. I’ve earned all nine Hubspot marketing automation certifications, as well as having a variety of professional certifications for the most popular digital marketing tools—including Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Webmaster Tools, Yext, Searchlight, and Quantcast.

I’m also a credited Audio Engineer and Video Editor/Producer whose multimedia passions developed into the desire to figure out how to get all the content I had created to the top of search engines, and in front of the right consumers. I earned a BS in Advertising from the University of Florida, as well as an AS in Recording Engineering and an MS in Internet Marketing, both from Full Sail University. I am also a recipient of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, from Suncoast High School, in Riviera Beach, FL. Go Chargers!

How I’ve helped…

Small Businesses

With all the choices of where/how the small business owner can spend budgeted marketing, advertising, and branding dollars, it’s imperative to define goals, develop and execute on strategy, while learning and improving every month. I help choose the right channels, solutions, and tools that maximize ROI. I help show where money is going, and what is driving conversions. If something isn’t working, we fix it, or we put more into the channels that are working. I help enable the more empowered business owner with personal digital marketing coaching sessions. It’s one thing to get things done. But it’s another when you want to learn things, so you can take your business to the next level, on your own!

Small to Medium & Large Enterprises

Larger companies and enterprises have used my services in a variety of ways. Simply stated—I help fill gaps in digital marketing teams, flesh out processes, develop strategies, and audit digital marketing assets, content, resources, tools, and performance. We shine a spotlight upon from where customers are coming, and how we can maximize acquisition. I’ve handled site migration SEO for millions of pages, while also having managed as much in online advertising spend within a variety of networks. With a background in audio and video production, I bring an even more exciting twist to improving content, helping you stand out and ahead of your competitors.

Musicians, DJs, Labels & Studios

Musicians and labels, would you like to track where your music is being played, shared, heard, sold, and streamed? Do you want maximize your online exposure? Would you like to turn your website into a vehicle by which you can interact, track, and learn from everything related to your music, and your audience? Well, get at me! Check out a structured data tool I built to help search engines with properly indexing your music.

Digital Marketing Software Certifications I’ve Earned